The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life Now That You Have Become Addicted To Me

Welcome to my new home on the web. For those of you coming from Or you began with me at You know that I have been getting nasty in front of the webcam for about 7 years now. I haven’t given up on either of these places. is something that I am closing the door on updating because they refuse to allow me to. Not to mention there’s barely anything that I can even offer you there anymore. will continue to grow, and be updated but its to wet your mouth for my goodies being set out on my little hangout spot on the web when I want to meet and greet with new people and give them a little taste of what I am about. If you have read this domain, you know that this is going to be my main house from here on out. As I mentioned on one of my last posts on, life for me on isn’t at all what it used to be. If you hang out in some of the best models on the site, you not long here he site just isn’t like it used to be.


7 years ago when a cammodel came on to perform, from the time she logged in to the time she logged out, there were real paid men that actually wanted to have a great time with a hot woman. Seeking the porn or girl next door effect with an added taste of interactive fun. Real conversations, laughing, talking and getting off with one another. Sharing your passions, aspirations, roleplays, fantasies and fetishes with each other with a hot aftertaste of addictive pleasure. Meeting of the minds, bodies and in alot of ways, the soul. But now you have some really angry, out of control people. With nothing better to do, then come on a porn site, insulting women and begging for free shit. At the end of the day, we may love what we do. Enjoy cumming, talking, laughing and having a good time. But you pay for us to do it. Meaning the money we get from having all that fun with you, pays our bills, rent, mortgage, car payment, groceries and more….

We aren’t sex machines, even though our bodies may act like. We are real women, with real feelings, just to make a living, while having fun doing it. Because of this bad seed of things that’s been coming, some women still cam but have backed away from the cam sites to work independent, on Skype! We are called Indy Skype Camgirls or Independent Skype Camgirls. We can be found online with the proper SEO or all over social media! I’ve been an independent skype camgirl for 7 years now. Started as an indy the same time I started on the website. So I have been quite more luckier than others. I now have a new baby called Skype VIPS! I look forward to more of you coming along and discovering the pleasures that are tucked away inside.


Seeking Basic Skype Sex

Skype ID: Live Camgirlshade

10 minutes $35 or 15 minutes $50

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