My VIPS Skype Sex

VIPS Skype?

Vips Skype is hot place where you can purchase 1 day of access, 1 week or access or 1 month of access to come into my personally chat room and watch me get hot and naughty all day and all night until I drop. Watch me shake my ass, show off tits, and do all kinds of hot and naughty things on my Basic Skype Account and on When things are slow there, you can hang out with me and my hot naughty friends that tip in to show off my tits, ass and control my vip activated, or client controlled sex toy. Learn more about that in a hot naughty post coming here soon.

What happens in VIPS Skype Other Than Tips For Flashes??

I get horny as fuck on SnapChat another one of my devices to make you and other horny guys and girls cum too. When things are slow and I have a group of naughty people in my chatroom, or hell of I don’t and I contact some via VIPS Instagram and Twitter and let them know I am horny as fuck and want to cut my losses for the day with a good old fashion Goal Show you have a chance to tip in and join on that!

What is a Goal Show:

For those of you that don’t know about the main site When you are blessed with this really cool feature called the Gold Feature. You can start of a cheap but hot show for your favorite and most generous Sugar Daddys. All come together to spend a little to help each other get alot. Lots of cum, squirt, roleplay, fantasy, and a whole long more going on in these Goal Shows.

What are my Prices For Goal Shows:

The cheapest Goal Show I am ever offering up is $100! That makes both you and me happy. Because for anything less, you would be seeing less. So let’s say I have four of you together with me and you would like get off with me. But nobody wants to have to do a 10 minute show for a whole $35.00. Well instead you each give me $25 and we can start a hot 10 minute show, each of you get to control this show. Whatever you want to see, I’ll get it done for you in 10 minutes. Plus every show I do from now on will be recorded. So you will each receive a link to the Goal Show to down load it, before the end of the day.

So what are you saying I get?

I am saying you get to pay a cheaper price for a hot show. The more people there to invest the less the show will cost you. So if you have horny friends that may also like what they see in me, you could invite them in, I will be using my paid social media to bring in guys that would be interested and before you know it, if we have 10 people interested in doing a 100 dollar show. Each of you only has to pay $10 to see this show. Whomever chips in more than others to get the show started, can get their money’s worth in prizes. Videos that run from $10 to $20 a piece. Picture sets that run from $5 to $10 per set. One day of access to VIPS SnapChat and kik all nude on private accounts, and so much more.

Now that you know what VIPS Skype is all about, why haven’t you joined already. You know you want a more realized experience then a 10 to 15 minute quickie where I cum for you all that I can in a small amount of time. Then you see the black screen instead of my black pussy. No more conversation, no intimacy or anything.

Why you should Join Member Access?

You should become part of Member Access because VIPS Skype, VIPS SnapChat, VIPS Kik, VIPS Instagram and Twitter are all added in for one small price $50 per month. You get a members show in the am and pm on the house and access to download the show if you loved it, or missed it. You also get access to all of the other recorded shows from and my Basic Skype Account. As well as my content I make just because I am horny as fuck and I love you! Last but not least in the least little bit, when you are member access you always get 5% off all Goal Shows! Sounds like one hell of a deal to me horny boys. Well whatever you choose to purchase your spot. Go to my new online store.

Love You,


Camgirl Shade

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