Basic SnapChat

What is my Basic SnapChat??? shadexxx24

I was asked tonight if I just do SnapChat for free? The answer to that is, yes! I have a free account I use to update and just hang out with my real loyal fans. The people that want to hear what I have to say. Just like on my Youtube account. Snapchat is the best way for a small time webcam model, part time webcam model or just a girl can hang out and have a good time without having to plug in the HD webcam and get everything in the room spotless before recording. I tell you on the basic shit, all about my day to day. What I maybe going through and what I have plans to do. Sex bot, no. Real grown ass woman with feelings yes! So now that you know! Come along and ass my Basic SnapChat so we can talk and have some fun.


Rules To This Shit:

Not one fucking dick picture, or you will be blocked. 
No rudeness or disrespect. I love constructive critics, non constructive, will get you blocked!
Don't screen shot me! 
Haters are welcome, the more you hate, the more I'm live

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