Life as I know it is crazy. I am supposed to be a blushing bride, guys. Yeah, its supposed to happen in about five months. Yet… Because of how the wind blows, we never know! I just came back from a hard knock of life. It wasn’t the worst situation that I have ever been through. But it did teach me many lessons. I am always learning, I am a “Lifetime Student”! Everybody should be. My new name in the Camgirl Streets is now Camgirl Shade/Club Shade! If you would like to learn more about both, feel free to do some reading at the end of this week.

I stopped camming because it wasn’t fun anymore. When something like that, is no longer fun, you stop! But, I missed it. Because it’s apart of me, just like air, I need it to breath a little easier. So I am back! Back and better than ever. Right now I don’t have a camgirl schedule. I am working on my hospital a couple days a week. I am a full-time college student now and I am also still running the rest of my Adult Business enterprise outside of Shade! So you kind of has to play catch me when you can! Why do I say, kind of? Because I am finally taking advantage of Snapchat now guys!

For thoughts that want to see some after dark kind of stuff, Snapchat VIPS is now Lit up! Also, I am taking advantage of Instagram too, that’s more PG13 though. Now that you guys know what I am up too. I will be back on twitter a lot more, and the pics and promo vids will be coming back large and in charge. Just a lot faster in block crazy Haters, the low key in the corner haters are still welcome! I love you all, come check me out on Snapchat! If you aren’t rude and are ready to pay for VIPS then we can have a lot of fun. But I am open to just regular chat with my lovers and fans!

Camgirl Shade or ClubShade

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