Goal Show

What is a Goal Show?

Well if you have ever used one of the platforms on streamate, you should be familiar with a Gold Show. If so then you already get it. For those that don’t, its simple. At this time one 5 minute Gold Show for me is $25, 7 minute Gold Show for me is $35 and 10 minute Gold Show for me is $50. Now that we have done that math.

When you come along into my VIPS Chatroom and we all start a Goal Show. All of my goal shows start at a 10-minute minimum so I can cum as much as I would like at once. So you get a 10-minute show worth to me $50 for $25 as long as four of you chip in to get me to $100. Just like a Gold Show. You can do the math for the next levels. If we get at least 20 people to join, ( hint hint( tell all your friends that love big tit fat ass BBW’s about me)). But if we get at least 20 people to join in, you’ll only pay $5 to see me fuck my pussy, squirt multiple time, ass clapping, or whatever else we decide to all do together. For only $5.

That is what a GOAL SHOW is all about!