I am a Mega Busty 50G/H Ebony model. I have more to love. Super soft, sex but dangerous curves.

Men. Women. Couples. Transgender. You are all welcome.

I am a also a very dominate lover. I love to be in control. I love to be on top.

My favorite fetishes:

Pregnancy, Facesitting, Smothering, Sissy Training/ Sissy Transformation, Cum Eating, Jerk Off Instructions. Just so much fun can be found with me!

My favorite Fantasies:

Cheating Wife, Married Slut, Teacher and Student, Mommy and Son, and so much more!



Height: 5’6 Weight: 328lbs Hair: Natural Brown but I stay changing it by the day !   

Ebony Mocha/Brown Sugar Skin Complexion

I’m incredibly attentive friend and lover who is romantic at heart full of vitality and a flaming-hot urge to please.

I’m here to provide you with an unforgettable experience that you’ll find no other girl can replicate.

The after glow of our encounter will be just as sweet as the spiraling anticipation that draws us together.

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Pussy Eating Fetish


I have a hardcore fetish for having a man eat my pussy. The more he eats my pussy and is fucking good at it. I mean he’s the best. The more I am having him to it. I don’t have one way that I love to have my pussy licked. I have a favorite. Having my clit sucked on from the back drives me up the wall, and drives my squirt out, and all over his face. I love having him tell me how good it tastes. The more he licks this chocolate pudding the more I am going to have him, lick, suck and slurp it down! I was asked this week if I scream, grunt or moan. The answer? I do it all, it depends on how good the sex it, and just how much I am turned on. I get so excited though when I have a good mans head between my thunder thighs. Picking up my legs and putting them on those well endowed shoulders is the way to become apart of my team!

BBWShadeXXX or Camgirl Shade