I am a Mega Busty 50G/H Ebony model. I have more to love. Super soft, sex but dangerous curves.

Men. Women. Couples. Transgender. You are all welcome.

I am a also a very dominate lover. I love to be in control. I love to be on top.

My favorite fetishes:

Pregnancy, Facesitting, Smothering, Sissy Training/ Sissy Transformation, Cum Eating, Jerk Off Instructions. Just so much fun can be found with me!

My favorite Fantasies:

Cheating Wife, Married Slut, Teacher and Student, Mommy and Son, and so much more!



Height: 5’6 Weight: 328lbs Hair: Natural Brown but I stay changing it by the day !   

Ebony Mocha/Brown Sugar Skin Complexion

I’m incredibly attentive friend and lover who is romantic at heart full of vitality and a flaming-hot urge to please.

I’m here to provide you with an unforgettable experience that you’ll find no other girl can replicate.

The after glow of our encounter will be just as sweet as the spiraling anticipation that draws us together.

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Dear Lover:

I have been thinking about you fucking me all day. I was doing the cooking, cleaning and the shopping. I packed up some lunches for the children for tomorrow. Before grabbing myself a glass of wine and a bubble bath. Now I am laying butt naked in the bed. Waiting for daddy to come home. When you walk into the bedroom door, you see me butt ass naked except some red heels and a skinny tie. You know what type of night its going to be. Putting my leg up over your shoulder, you begin to lick and suck up my thighs before sucking on my big toes. Looking me in my eyes, you move forward and take a big wiff of my horny mucky pussy and asshole before you tear into it. Sucking and slurping on it. Licking my asshole like its the best thing that you have had, since Birthday Cake. Daddy at first all I do is lay back and get coming!

What else at the moment is it for a Multi orgasmic bitch to but take it and give it! Once I am weak and drained from the moment. I kiss you so I can take myself. Before helping you up out of your clothes. Once you are good and naked. I put my lips to work on that big and fat chocolate dick. Sucking. Slurping and deep throat that monster until he’s shaking, throbbing, rock hard and leaking needing more of my sexual healing. Licking your balls I suck on them some more. Before putting my tongue deep inside of your asshole. Pumping my tongue deeply in and out. Sucking on your ass, your balls and then your cock some more. I put my ass in the air, and you know what time.

  Its ready for you put that cock in my pussy hole time! Riding me hard, and deep. Your feet my head while you work that dick inside my pussy with all of the strength in your knees. The more you fuck me. The more I get wetter. If the neighbors hear us, they will have deal with a sorry a little later. The more you fuck me, the louder I scream. The harder you fuck me, the louder I scream. Cum shooting me, and my pussy squirting all over me. I look at you and say ” Daddy, all damn day this is exactly what I need”!

To everyone else, thats exactly how your supposed to fuck your Queen!

Camgirl Shade



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