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I have the body of a Goddess. Love to share and show off my 50 G tits. Bouncing them around and around and making you cum! 10 minutes of love for $50! The perfect way to release that stress baby!

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I love to shake my ass all up on the front of my webcam. It’s something about the way that you watch me shake my ass in your face. How you reach forward and sniff it, and lick it like a puppy dog. That turns me on. Making me gush and cream in my panties. So when you ready to have your turn one on one with my ass on Skype or Snapchat hit me up!

Skype ID: camgirlshade

SnapChat: clubshade


Life as I know it is crazy. I am supposed to be a blushing bride, guys. Yeah, its supposed to happen in about five months. Yet… Because of how the wind blows, we never know! I just came back from a hard knock of life. It wasn’t the worst situation that I have ever been through. But it did teach me many lessons. I am always learning, I am a “Lifetime Student”! Everybody should be. My new name in the Camgirl Streets is now Camgirl Shade/Club Shade! If you would like to learn more about both, feel free to do some reading at the end of this week.

I stopped camming because it wasn’t fun anymore. When something like that, is no longer fun, you stop! But, I missed it. Because it’s apart of me, just like air, I need it to breath a little easier. So I am back! Back and better than ever. Right now I don’t have a camgirl schedule. I am working on my hospital a couple days a week. I am a full-time college student now and I am also still running the rest of my Adult Business enterprise outside of Shade! So you kind of has to play catch me when you can! Why do I say, kind of? Because I am finally taking advantage of Snapchat now guys!

For thoughts that want to see some after dark kind of stuff, Snapchat VIPS is now Lit up! Also, I am taking advantage of Instagram too, that’s more PG13 though. Now that you guys know what I am up too. I will be back on twitter a lot more, and the pics and promo vids will be coming back large and in charge. Just a lot faster in block crazy Haters, the low key in the corner haters are still welcome! I love you all, come check me out on Snapchat! If you aren’t rude and are ready to pay for VIPS then we can have a lot of fun. But I am open to just regular chat with my lovers and fans!

Camgirl Shade or ClubShade

Thirsty Thursday

Are you ready to have a good time on this sexy #ThirstyThursday? Come along and let’s get nasty. I am ready to cum for you long and hard. My body is wet and hungry.

Niteflirt? Sloppy Blowjob. Ass Clapping. Dirty Talk and Cam2Cam.

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Camgirl Shade is ready for action.

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Horny Camgirl Shade, is back!

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Working Days and Hours: M-F 8:00 am to 10:00 pm

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Are you lonely? Are you horny? Do you have a thing for Big Beautiful Women? Well you have come along to right place.

I would love to over you: Fun
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Well all of these and more can be offered to you from me. Always looking to make a new friend.

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Independent Skype Sex Show Camgirl Shade


I have a thing for being naughty in front of my webcam. But the thing I love about it most is the intimacy. Talking with like minded people. That have the same interests as myself. See, especially when it comes down to taking my clothes off, money is actually the last think about when it comes to being in front of the webcam. Laughing. Talking about liked minded TV shows, books, music and even video games. I am actually a smart lady. Really smart, and I do a lot. So if you want to see me, really see me, have a real desire to want to get to know me. I’m not just a bunch of fun holes that you can shove things into so you can blow your wad! I have feelings, emotions with benefits of being able to squirt and give hot blowjobs.


BBW Webcam Girl ErikaXstacy Ready to play

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Sexy BBW ErikaXstacy!

She’s a freak, loves anal, taboo role-plays and using all of her sexy toys.
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Anal and Squirting queen. That loves to do deep double penetration and to cum long and hard. Famous for her $25.00 famous shows and doing lots of  Unlimited Squirting in a 10-minute amount of time. Please be sure to join the room and ask about it.

Nikki Spade

Hola 18 Potty Mouth–Deep Anal Ass Clapping Queen Is Live


Click Here For Access Our Ass Clapping Potty Mouth Queen is now available to suck cock, ass clap, use that potty mouth before hitting you with some Double Penetration and Deep Anal. Squirting available upon request.

Jayda Diamondes protégée


I am the baby version of Jayda Diamonde! I use extreme toys like her.
I talk dirty and filthy just like her. I cum just as hard as her. Always looking to cum long and hard whenever you come into my chartroomchatroom. I love really deep anal! Click Here

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Are you looking to have some nasty fun? I bet your cock is hard and throbbing. Ready for some visual pleasures. I can introduce you to some ass clapping, squirting dirty potty mouth sluts that will fuck both your mind and your cock. Leaving you drained.

Are you looking to have some nasty fun? I bet your cock is hard and throbbing. Ready for some visual pleasures. I can introduce you to some ass clapping, squirting dirty potty mouth sluts that will fuck both your mind and your cock. Leaving you drained.

Home Invasion Phone Sex

I have always had a real fantasy to fuck someone that breaks into my house.
Someone tall. Big. In control. Someone that would tie my hands and wrists. Stare
into my eyes as he collects my valuables. No husband at home. So no one else to stop
them. Noticing my closet. All the lingerie and heels I have. Cutting my hands and
choosing some different outfits that he wants to see me model for him. Until that
last one finally makes his cock throb for me. Until my mouth just to put his cock
deep into my mouth and throat fucking me. Precum on my lips. Anger. Humiliation.

Shame on my face. I can’t help but get wet. Him demanding my finger my pussy. The wet
sound loud in the silent room other than his grunts of pleasure. Taking that big wet dicks
slapping me in the face with it before shoving it back in my mouth and fucking
my throat. Until he picks me up, bends me over the dresser and fucking the hell out of me. By then I am not thinking about shame, wondering about my husband or even mad, I hold on to that dresser and fuck back at you. You banging out my back and pussy, making me cum long and hard. Until you shoot a hot creamy load deep into me! Boy, I wonder which is worse never getting this cock again or all of my diamonds disappearing with you out the window?

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Erotic Story: Coming Home In The Rain

It had been one long tough day. I mean it just seemed like I was being hammered. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. I had enough before it was even 12:00 pm. So now that I had just made it home in the rain. Unlike what the rain probably does to everyone else. It just turns me on. As I arrived within my door, I could smell it in the air. My man had cooked. I walked into the kitchen and found steak, steamed veggies and homemade bread. As I got close to the sexy man in front of the oven, my panties instantly became wet. Licking around his neck to his earlobe, sucking it deep within my mouth. Nibbling and suckling all over it.

He quickly turned around and kissed me. I was hot, wet and ready for him to give it too me. As he sucked on my tongue, I heard the stove and oven being turned off as he pushed me into the laundry room. Making out like teenagers. First came my sweater vest, just before my skirt was unzipped. Within minutes I was naked of everything except my panties. Pulling them up tight he gave one more deep taste of those lips before he went down diving. Licking my fat wet clit through the panties. He used his tongue to fuck me. Licking me over and over on my sweet spot till I was squirting all over his face and beard. Pulling him up, I needed it.

I needed, the Cock! Grasping it in his shorts, it felt so good, I needed it in my mouth. Sucking and slurping on that monster would be nice before dinner, but right now I had a need for speed! He leaned me back and spread my soft thick thighs, before easing it all in home. He fucked me long, had and deep. Gripping my big ass he rocked my pussy’s back and forth on the end of that cock before feeding me it all. I could hear was my sweetness as he bottom out in me. Feeling my pussy stretch to take him all in. Sucking on my tits, they were begging for his teeth. Holding his shoulder, I fucked back at him, milking that fat cock for all its worth. Before squirting back to back hard. He spanked my ass which only made me wetter, hotter and begging for more.

Pulling me down, his cock was out for less then a minute before he was fucking me doggystyle from behind. Whipping my pussy up good. One of my legs up on the machine holding me up as I moaned, and grunted for dear life. Baby was hurting me but I liked it. As he fucked me extra hard and extra rough I squirted once more as he deposited his hot salty load in me. Kissing my neck, he slapped my ass hard and told me to go and get cleaned up for dinner, walking away to get everything else back hot. Man, if I wasn’t already steaming, I didn’t know what dessert would be, yet I knew I would demand to have it in bed. Because I need to go another round two and three!

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Independent Skype Cam Shows and Custom Videos


Hello everyone! I am still selling independent skype cam sex shows.
Anyone interested in purchasing one. Feel free to contact me via which is my skype account only!

10 minute shows cost $50.00
10 minute custom videos cost $25.00

When your ready to have a good time! Let me know.

Please Note: No previews!
I never prove myself to anyone this is business not personal!
Drama free services only!

Kisses and Hug’s

Cammodel Shows Are Lit In March 2017

Ass Clapping
Big Tits Dancing
Roleplay ( Cuckold Play, Sissy Training, Strap On Play)
Humiliation ( Small Penis, Cum Eating)

I am always looking to have myself a good time with you dirty boys.
I love to help you, make you and enjoy you cumming for and with me.
So when you are ready to contact me. Cammodel:

Prices Are As Is! No haggling please. I have bills to pay. Funding a move. Need a new car and so many other things. If you don’t tell your boss your problems when it comes to you being paid. Please don’t contact me on letting me know the issues while you can’t pay for my services. Move on to cheaper goods or hustle up the cash to pay your way. I am a Pay2Play girl only! New meet an greets, not looking for a boyfriend, fuck buddy or a date.