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Skype ID: camgirlshade

Skype ID: camgirlshade

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Horny black bbw at home! I am Shade. I love camming, showing off my big beautiful body and flirting with men, women and couples. Cam sex, or just hanging out on my Skype doing group chat. Flashing my body for tips and setting up hot group shows for a discounted price really drives me wilder then just one on one chat. Drinking, smoking, dressing sexy and hanging out wiith my fans really pleases me.

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I lay in bed at night and think all about having your hands and lips all over me. The way you lick me. Sucking all over my flesh. Your hands squeezing my asscheeks. Rubbing all over them. Especially when you like to get freaky sniffing my asscheeks. Having your hands squeezing my tits as you flick the nipples. Suck on them. Push them to make my clit act. Stiffen. Explode. All over my inner thighs. Just so you can lick up my secret sauce. My toes are curling. Back is arching. Thighs are shaking. Hot sweats dripping, leaking down my spine. Baby, I want it. I need it. You know what it is. Come on Mr. Fix it! Put your tongue in me. I want to feel you make love to this pussy with your face. Having your tongue in me, makes me beg for your cock. I want your cock in me. Banging out my walls and making me squirt. I want to squirt for you. I’m ready to squirt for you.

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I like my sex, hot nasty and intimate. When a man or woman stares deep into my eyes. When his tongue is one with my clit. Licking all around it. Sucking and nibbling on my pussy lips flesh. The more the face goes into my pussy. The more I get sucked. Slurped. Nibbles. My asshole twitches and one good lick across it, like they are licking a stamp is enough to make me lose control. Enough to make me have one powerful orgasm. Come have some hot intimate skype cam sex with me, because I promise, you will never find another camgirl like me, there is no two and after I was made, created, the mold was broken. Come along baby, don’t keep your online girlfriend waiting.

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I know this is going to sound so conceded. But I love the smell of my own pussy. It drys me wild. The smell of another woman makes me sick honestly. But get so turned on to smell myself! Thats hot, wet, moist horny musky ordor. Thats why it doesn’t surprise me when I get back to back orders for my used panties. Because I know the smell drives other men and some couples wild. I play in my wetness all of the time, and the more I smell and taste myself, the more I want more! Why wouldn’t you? I am just sitting here working on school work. I have bathed three times today because I needed a bath after my walk this morning. Then I had two back to back squirting shows! Yes, I can feel my panties sticking between my fat lips down between, its creamy and it smells so damn good!


Club Shade

This Is My Story

Life for me has been fast, interesting long winded and then some. But its also been true blessing’s. I can’t really talk in words by typing to you just how good the Lord had been and is being to me and my family. So much heartache and pain has come my way. So many bad things have happened to me. But like I would advise anyone. Its not what happens to you, that really deserves energy. Instead its all about what you do about it. There is always going to be an exit. A way out. Or a way through. For every single bad thing in the world that happens to you. I promise there is good coming right behind it. Alot of negative just means more postive is coming! Why? Because GOD has you. Has your life in the palm of his hands. He is always ready for to make good things happen to you and for you. Everything you put hands to do, has a possibility of becoming a winner for you. Because GOD had a plan for your life. If it wasn’t for my bad season at the end of last year, I wouldn’t be enjoying and reaping the good thats coming out all over me, right now. I will be revisiting this soon. Sooner then you think by opening up and telling some of my story. I know by revealing it to you, it can do something it can bless you if you use it!


Club Shade

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Hey baby! Looking for videos of Club Shade? You will find them right here, right now any time of the day or night. More of my videos will be coming along shortly. But please take the time to support the videos I have listed now to show me just how much you would like to see more fun me! Time is money.
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Come along, and let’s have some fun boys and girls! My SnapChat is lit with naughty stories all day every day now! So come along and lets play and get kinky. Naughty and nasty. I have the ass clapping, sloppy blowjobs and lots of squirting that you looking for. Come along.

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