Rates & Tips

Hey to all that have come on to support me. I say support me, because I would think that you wouldn’t come to this page of my site if you weren’t looking to show some love or support me in one way other another. Therefore I just want to say ” Thank You” and I love and appreciate all of you!

Rates For Phone Sex: $1.50 per minute

Email: shadexxx24@gmail.com

10 minutes $15.00 Pay Here
30 minutes $ 45.00 Pay Here
60 minutes $90.00 Pay Here

Rates For Cam Shows: $3.50 per minute

10 minutes $35.00 Pay Here
15 minutes $ 52.50 Pay Here
30 minutes $ 105.00 Pay Here

Rates For Videos: $2.00 per minute

5 Minute Video $10.00
10 Minute Video $20.00

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Rates For Custom Videos: $3.50 per minute

10 Minute Custom Video $35.00
15 Minute Custom Video $52.50

Email Me: shadexxx24@gmail.com , let me know what kind of Custom Video your looking for. I’ll let you know if I can complete one for you. After payment I will create, edit and send you both the custom video and 20 hot photos as well. Process takes 1 to 3 days.

Tips: I Appreciate All Tips So Much I Attached A Certain Number Of Photos For You To Download In Exchange For Your Tips The More Generous You Are The More Revealing The Photos! 

$10.00 Tip Pay Here
$20.00 Tip Pay Here
$50.00 Tip Pay Here
$100.00 Tip Pay Here