ShadeTime ( NewService!)




My name is Shade and I am looking forward to having some hot and naughty time with you. If you have ever joined a site like ManyVids, Streamate or Myfreecams, you know how a normal conventional cam site works. That’s exactly how mine works as well! The only differences is I charge a one time fee of $10.00 to get on my Skype List ( Free Chat) ! Once you have joined my Skype Contacts List as a ShadeTime Member you are there for life! Lifetime Membership! Shade time simply means my scheduled time to be Live On My Webcam. You will also gain free access to my private social media so that not only will you receive a message from me directly each time when I have an unscheduled time frame I just want to login in dressed up in something sexy, or just login in and hangout and your more then welcome to join me! I’ll send out a really hot pic and if your following my private social media you’ll receive that notification I am live or I will be live or when I will be live!

So what happens doing ShadeTime?

In Exchange For Tips:

I show my tits.
Show my ass.
Show my feet.
Make my ass ( bare ass) clap. For a little extra, I add in baby oil!

If we have enough members joining us, you receive a cheap “GOAL Show”! If you have been on Streamate when girls there have started a GOLD SHOW, you know exactly how a GOAL SHOW works!

Goal Show Process:

1. We have at least four people in the free chat section of my site. ( SKYPE LIST)
2. Each one of you will chip into the Show I am about to start 4 People= $25.00 8 People = $12.50 12 People = $9.00

Please Note:

3. I know someone would like to go there with me and say, well, why should I pay $25 to join a group show? ” Well, darling I am glad you asked me that one.” You don’t have to pay $25 for a group show. If you love me that much as a Camgirl Shade fan, you can pay for a 10-minute show to have me all to yourself for $50! *wink* There is also extra fees involved for non-membership site members depending on what you want to mix and match into the show!

4.  Once everyone has used my payment processor of choice at that moment in time, I will confirm those payments and then promptly get the party started! You will enjoy your show, I will enjoy doing it and we can all cum!

5. All Goal Shows will only start at a $100 minimum only! Else I won’t do a Goal Show and we can continue to chill together, chitchat, I can do boob and/or ass flashes for tips( again as above I’ll let you know as ShadeTime starts how you can tip me, I’ll send the link out into the room and you are welcome to get my tits out for a brief moment in time, or everyone can keep chipping in to keep them out. Go over to the My Show page to learn all about the naughty toys, oils, and treats that I love to use in a ShadeTime show!

This is not a scam, its simply a fun business for me. I have been a cam model since 2012, and I love it! I just don’t love the drama that comes from using a cam-site! I am Independent Skype Cam-girl and I fucking love it! Support me and I’ll take care of you!

Please Note:

Don’t contact me if you aren’t 18 years of age or older! Please leave now!