Home Invasion Phone Sex

I have always had a real fantasy to fuck someone that breaks into my house.
Someone tall. Big. In control. Someone that would tie my hands and wrists. Stare
into my eyes as he collects my valuables. No husband at home. So no one else to stop
them. Noticing my closet. All the lingerie and heels I have. Cutting my hands and
choosing some different outfits that he wants to see me model for him. Until that
last one finally makes his cock throb for me. Until my mouth just to put his cock
deep into my mouth and throat fucking me. Precum on my lips. Anger. Humiliation.

Shame on my face. I can’t help but get wet. Him demanding my finger my pussy. The wet
sound loud in the silent room other than his grunts of pleasure. Taking that big wet dicks
slapping me in the face with it before shoving it back in my mouth and fucking
my throat. Until he picks me up, bends me over the dresser and fucking the hell out of me. By then I am not thinking about shame, wondering about my husband or even mad, I hold on to that dresser and fuck back at you. You banging out my back and pussy, making me cum long and hard. Until you shoot a hot creamy load deep into me! Boy, I wonder which is worse never getting this cock again or all of my diamonds disappearing with you out the window?

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