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New Shoes for a Shoe-Loving Phonesex Goddess

A Goddess like me can never get enough shoes. I probably have about 14 pairs of shoes in my shoe rack. First, I have my nice 6 inch stilettos. Those have to be my favorite. Every time I slip them on I feels even more powerful, sexy, the black patent leather warm against my feet. My second favorite would have to be my pink peep-toe heels, letting me show off my perfectly pedicured toes. But, a girl can never have too many shoes, right?

So yesterday afternoon I walked over to the mall, wearing those sexy pink heels, a short, tight black skirt, and a low-cut silver blouse. I loved how the top clung to my hips, showing off my hour-glass figure. Beneath my skirt, nothing but a pair of black thigh highs and a tiny little g-string. I walked into the shoe store and smiled when I saw the geeky little shoe salesman. “This could be fun,” I thought to myself.I walked right up to him, landing only 6 inches from his body. I told him I was looking for a nice strappy heel for the summer. “Something sexy, to tease all those foot loving boys” I whispered into his ear, teasingly. When his eyes grew a little wide and he put his hands in his pants pockets, I knew I had him already.

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